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Department Of Pharmacology


The Department of Pharmacology is principally focused on teaching-learning, clinical research and implementing principles of rational therapeutics.

Teaching in the department of pharmacology is aimed:

  1. To provide an adequate understanding of the existing drugs and basic principles of pharmacology
  2. To equip the student so that he/she can learn about the drugs to be introduced in the future and how to use them even after he/she completes the MBBS course
  3. To make them learn by exposing them to clinically oriented scenario and facts, newer drug delivery systems and recent advances, in order to keep abreast of advances and varied newer options available in therapeutics
  4. To train them to learn not only the pharmacodynamic effects, but also the associated adverse effects of the drugs by inculcating the concept of pharmacovigilance at the very early stage of their carrier
  5. To make them understand the concept and essentiality of rational use of drugs, how to select a proper drug for a condition or patient on the grounds of efficacy, safety, suitability and cost, and train them to write legible and appropriate prescriptions
  6. To prepare skilled medical graduates for society who can meet the healthcare needs of the society and treat different ailments/conditions rationally with the effective and safe use of drugs


1. To emerge as a center of excellence in the field of Pharmacology and Therapeutics on the fronts of teaching, research and clinical services.

2. To set up a Clinical Pharmacology unit that can be utilized for the clinical services and research.

3. To set up a dedicated pharmacovigilance center for assessing and reporting the adverse drug reactions associated with the use of drugs or medical devices for safe and rational use of drugs

4. To set up a Computer Assisted Learning laboratory in order to facilitate e-learning of animal experiments, pharmacodynamics, practical demonstrations and drug development programs


Department of Pharmacology is dedicated to contribute significantly to basic and clinical research. The research activities of the department mainly focus on Clinical pharmacology, Pharmacovigilance, Essential medicines-rational use of medicines, Pharmacotherapeutics, Pharmacoepidemiology and community pharmacology.


The department is also providing hospital services and providing a better training environment for future doctors.

Hospital Services: 

  • Establishment and functioning of hospital pharmacy services
  • Ensuring availability, supply of essential medicines for betterment of patient care.





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Dr Rima Shah

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Dr. Rima Shah

Associate Professor
Dr Shubha Singhal       More Details Dr. Shubha Singhal Assistant Professor


Dr Kiran Piparva

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Dr. Kiran Piparva

Assistant Professor

Dr Siddhartha dutta

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Dr. Siddhartha Dutta

Assistant Professor