Core Committee 

Academic Cell 

Name  Designation Committee Position
Prof. (Dr) Sanjay Gupta Prof & HoD, FMT I/C Dean (Academics)
Dr. Keadar Nemivant Associate Professor, Ophthalmology I/C Associate Dean (Academics)
Dr. Kapil Jetha Associate Professor, Paediatrics I/C Assistant Dean(Academics)
Dr. Pradip Chauhan Assistant Professor, Anatomy I/C Assistant Dean (Academics)
Dr. Shubha Singhal Assistant Professor, Pharmacology I/C Assistant Dean (Academics)
Dr. Bhautik Modi Assistant Professor, CFM I/C Assistant Dean (Academics)


Examination Section

Name  Designation Committee Position
Prof. (Dr) Ashwini Agarwal Professor & Head, Microbiology

I/C- Dean Examination

Dr. Amit Sonagra Assistant Professor, Biochemistry

I/C Associate Dean Examination &

Officiating Assistant Controller of Examination

Dr. Anil Chaudhary Assistant Professor, Microbiology I/C Assistant Dean Examination
Dr. Sumit Bansal Assistant Professor, Anesthesia I/C Assistant Dean Examination
Dr. Pankhuri Dubey Assistant Professor, OBGY I/C Assistant Dean Examination


Research Cell

Name  Designation Committee Position
Dr.Simmi Mehra Professor & Head D/o Anatomy

Dean Research(I/C)

Dr.Ashwini Agarwal Professor & Head D/o Microbiology

Vice Dean Research(I/C)

Dr Krupal Joshi Associate Professor D/o CFM Associate Dean Research(I/C)
Dr Sachin Singh Associate Professor D/o Paediatrics Assistant Dean Research-1(I/C)
Dr Mehul Kaliya Associate Professor D/o General Medicine Assistant Dean Research-2(I/C)
Dr.Arun Kumar Patnana Assistant Professor D/o Dentistry Additional Assistant Dean Research (I/C)


Food and Mess Committee

Name  Designation Committee Position
Dr. Utsav Parekh Assistant Professor D/o FMT Provost; Boys Hostel
Dr. Pinky Meena Assistant Professor D/o Paediatrics Provost; Girls Hostel
Dr. Siddharth Dutta Assistant Professor D/o Pharmacology -
Dr. Neha Xalxo Assistant Professor D/o Anatomy -
Dr. Garima Upreti Assistant Professor D/o Otorhinolarygology  -


IT Committee

Name  Designation
Dr. Lalit Ratanpara Assistant Professor D/o Anatomy
Dr. Vinay Chitturi Assistant Professor D/o Physiology
Mr. Jaydevsinh Vala Administrative Officer 


Store Committee

Name  Designation
Dr. Naresh Parmar Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Physiology
Dr. Mohit Galani Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Dentistry


Local Purchase Committee for Bio Chemistry Department

Name  Designation
Dr. Deepak Parchwani Additional Professor D/o Bio Chemistry 
Dr. Sagar Dholariya Assistant Professor D/o Biochemistry


Local Purchase Committee for Physiology Department

Name  Designation
Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma Professor, Department of Physiology
Dr. Naresh Parmar Assistant Professor D/o Physiology


Local Purchase Committee for Anatomy Department

Name  Designation
Dr. Simmi Mehra Professor & HoD. Dept. Of Anatomy
Dr. Pradip Chauhan Assistant Professor D/o Anatomy


Student Redressal Committee

Name  Designation Committee Position
Dr. Bhavesh Modi Professor and Head, Department of CFM Chairman
Dr. Utsav Parekh Assistant professor, Department of FMT Member Secretary 
Dr. Pinky Meena Assistant professor, Department of Paediatrics Member
Dr. Neha Xalxo Assistant professor, Department of Anatomy Member
Dr. Sagar Dholariya Assistant professor, Department of Biochemistry Member
Mrs. Bhavnaben Joshipura Legal Expert Advocate
Dr. Gayatri Bhatia Assistant professor, Department of Psychiatry Wellness Officer