Dr Rima Shah


Dr. Rima Shah

Associate Professor

MBBS; MD (Pharmacology)

    Email: dr.rimashah@gmail.com


    1. No. of Research Publications: Total 42
    • National - 13
    • International – 29


    1. Books Published:
    1. A book entitled “Standard Treatment Guidelines for family physicians” has been published – in collaboration with association of family physicians of India (AFPI) and distributed to all family physicians in a national conference of AFPI for better patient care. (2013)



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    Shah RB, Patel M, Maahs DM, Shah VN. Insulin delivery methods: Past, present and future. Int J Pharm Investig. 2016;6(1):1-9. doi: 10.4103/2230-973X.176456. PMID: 27014614; PMCID: PMC4787057.


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    1. Prajapati HS, Thacker V, Shah R, Chaudhari V, Patel S, Shah M, et al. Drug utilization study in ophthalmology outpatient department of a tertiary care teaching hospital. Natl J Physiol Pharm Pharmacol 2022;12(03):391-394. (Published in March 2022)




    1. Awards Received:
    • Awarded First prize in oral paper presentation at National Conference: “All India medical undergraduate conference – Nexus 2019”
    • Awarded with token of appreciation (Shield) for taking guest lecture on “ICH-GCP Guidelines” as training program at GMERS Medical College, Patan
    • Awarded with token of appreciation (Shield) for taking guest lecture on “ICH-GCP Guidelines” as training program at GMERS Medical College, Himmatnagar
    • Awarded with token of appreciation (Shield) for taking guest lecture on “ICH-GCP Guidelines” as training program at American Institute of Medical Sciences, Udaipur, Rajasthan
    • As a chairperson in workshop – “Basic skills for medical undergraduates” in a national conference and received a shield/momento for the same.
    • My research projects got selected for 3 consecutive years at ICMR – Short Term Studentship Program and through students got scholarship for the same (2015-17)
    • Delivered a guest lecture on: “Reference writing” in a pre-conference workshop on scientific writing at National conference of Indian Pharmacological Society, 2015. (IPS - India)
    • Delivered lecture on “Ethics and ICH – GCP Guidelines” at AIIMS, Rajkot on 27-28th January, 2022.


    1. Area of interest:
    • Pharmacotherapeutics, Clinical Pharmacology, Rational use of Medicines, Pharmacovigilance


    1. Membership of professional/academic/research bodies:
    1. Member of Indian Medical Association (IMA)
    2. Member of Gujarat Medical Association (GMA)
    3. Member of Indian Pharmacology Society (IPS)
    4. Member of Indian society for rational pharmacotherapeutics (ISRPT)
    5. Member of National Medicos organization (NMO)
    6. Association of Physiologist and Pharmacologist of India (APPI)