Event Type Date Document
Medical Book Exhibition   22 November 2022 Flyer
National Library Week   14 to 20 November 2022 Flyer
Global Handwashing Day | Department of Microbiology   15 October 2022



Recent Updates on WHO Classification of CNS Tumours | Department of Pathology CME 15 October 2022 Flyer
World Mental Health Day   10 October 2022  Play
76th Independence week celebration Report   15 August 2022 Download

CME - World Breastfeeding Week 2022 by AIIMS Rajkot/Department of CFM

CME 4 August 2022


CME Report

Basic Life Support & First Aid Training at Regional Science Centre, Rajkot

Outreach Program

11 July 2022 Download

Body Composition & Exercise: Physiological & Pharmacological Aspects / Departments of Physiology,Pharmacology

Webinar 7 July 2022


Webinar Recording

Webinar Report

Panel discussion on Medicolegal, public health and policy aspects of drug use and related crimes/Department of Psychiatry

Panel Discussion 26th June, 2022 Video Recording
8th International Yoga Day Celebration (IDY 2022) Institute Event 21 June 2022 Report
 Anatomy Quiz Competition Intradepartmental 16 June 2022 Report of ANATOMY QUIZ june 2022.
Inauguration of Addiction Treatment Clinic under Department of Psychiatry, AIIMS, Rajkot Institute Event 31 May 2022 file icon
 Poster/Chart competition cum exhibition for 1st-year MBBS students / Department of Anatomy Intradepartmental  23 May 2022 file iconfile icon

Cultural & Sports Event- EXORDIUM 2022

Cultural &  Sports 6-8 May 2022 file icon

Interaction session with MBBS Class of 2022

Academic 13 May 2022 file icon

CME- Medico Legal Issues in Clinical Practice/Dept. of FMT

CME 11 May 2022 file icon

Inauguration of 8th International Day of Yoga celebration (IDY-2022)

Institute Event 28 April 2022 file icon

Symposium-Cellular & Molecular Biomarkers/ Department of Biochemistry

Symposium 14 May 2022 file iconfile icon

CME- Medico Legal Issues in Clinical Practice/ Department of FMT

CME 11 May 2022 file icon

CME - National Tuberculosis Elimination Program (NTEP)/ Departments of CFM, Microbiology & Pulmonary Medicine

CME 5 May 2022 file icon

Sleep- Foundation of Health / Department of Physiology

CME 19 April 2022 file iconfile iconfile icon

Workshop/ Basic Course in Medical Education Technology/Academic Section

Workshop 7-10 February 2022 file icon
CME- Surface landmarks & surgical incisions: past, present & future? Department of Anatomy CME 28 March 2022 file iconfile icon
Covid Vaccination Program - Jan 2022  Public Health 13 January 2022 file icon
International Committee on Harmonization - Good Clinical Practices / Research Cell Workshop 27, 28 January 2022 file icon
Alignment and Integration of Medical Curriculum/ Academic Section Seminar 20 January 2022 file icon
World AIDS Day celebration  Public Health 1 December 2021 file icon
Workshop on Medical Education and Technologies   7-10 February 2022 file icon
Vigilance Awareness Week 2021     file icon
Sleep & Polysomnography - Basics to Recent Updates - Webinar Report   6 August 2021 file icon
COVID Training Programme     file icon
International Yoga Day/ Department of Physiology   21 June 2021 file icon
Body Composition Assessment - Tools and Application CME+ Workshop 23 April 2021