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Transfusion medicine is a multidisciplinary area concerned with the proper use of blood and blood components in the treatment of human diseases. The Department of Transfusion Medicine and Blood bank at AIIMS-Rajkot, has facility to provide blood transfusion services, to train medical and Para-medical personnel in related areas and to function as an apical medical and research department in the state in this field. The facility is licensed by the Drugs Controller of India. 




  • To deliver safest blood transfusion services including preparation and transfusion of blood components at afforadable prices.
  • To promoto voluntary blood donation campaign.
  • To adhere strictly to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at all phases of screening and processing of blood,




  • To provide safe, high quality and stable blood supply to hospital patients.
  • To provide specialized testing in the field of immunohematology.
  • The department also strives to provide evidence-based clinical support in patient blood management by guiding clinicians regarding the same.
  • Highest quality of transfusion services will be ensured by participating in Quality Assurance and Quality Control programmes, periodic evaluation and continuous improvement so as to meet and exceed the stated or implied expectations of the patients availing these services.
  • It also aims to thrive on advancement in the area of scientific research so that we move ahead with the changing times.
  • To promote the blood donation campaign by engaging in various outdoor blood donation camps.


  1. All the reagents and sera used in the department are periodically checked for quality and any variation noted is documented and is subjected for root cause analysis.
  2. The Departments aims to obtain NABH certifications form Quality Council of India in near future.



  • From Blood Storage Centre to a full-fledged Blood Centre with 100% voluntary donation and separation of all possible blood components.
  • Fully functioning transfusion transmitted infection laboratory.
  • State-of-art transfusion medicine department catering to the need of just not AIIMS hospital but overall medical fraternity in and around Rajkot pertaining to transfusion services, immunohematology analysis, cold agglutinin detection, antibodies titre, detection of unexpected antigens & antibody.
  • State-of-art serology laboratory.
  • HLA-typing and Transplant laboratory to support stem cell transplantation at the institute.


  • The department intends to start a MD-Transfusion medicine course under the able leadership of the faculties.
  • A course in lab technology (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) to support the laboratory services.
  • Department conducts CME and Training programs for blood bank staff, other department personnel, clinicians, junior residents, senior residents and nursing officers for better insight of the subject.



The department intends to carry out collaborative research in the field of patient blood management with the help of clinical and para clinical disciplines in order to establish a benchmark in Rational use of Blood and its components.





1. Blood Processing Laboratory :

Tests for determining the ABO group & Rh type, detecting unexpected antibodies to red cell antigens, confirmation of Rh negative status & Du testing, resolving ABO discrepancies, cross match etc. issue of crossmatched compatible blood units for emergency and elective procedures.


2. Immunohematology Laboratory :

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia workup and tests for cold antibodies are done when necessary. Detecting unexpected antibodies to red cell antigens, confirmation of Rh negative status & Du testing, resolving ABO discrepancies cross match etc.

It follows all the recommended quality-control steps, and its products meet the quality standards prescribed by the statutory authorities.


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Dr Ashwini Agarwal

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Dr. (Col) Ashwini Agarwal



Dr Tarang Patel

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Dr. Tarang Patel

Associate Professor