Intramural funded:

  1. Project title - Spectrum of RBC indices, RBC histogram and HPLC findings in Thalassemia Syndromes and Hemoglobinopathies at AIIMS Rajkot.


Principle investigator – Dr. Garima Anandani


           Assistant Professor, Department 0f Pathology, AIIMS Rajkot.



  1. Project title – Role of urinary adiponectin and c-megalin as a diagnostic and early predictive marker of diabetic nephropathy in diabetes mellitus patients.


Co-investigator – Dr. Gyanendra Singh

           Assistant Professor. Department 0f Pathology, AIIMS Rajkot.




Extramural funded:


Project title - Postnatal anemia situation and combat strategy in Gujarat.


Co-investigator – Dr. Gyanendra Singh

          Assistant Professor, Department 0f Pathology, AIIMS Rajkot.







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