All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rajkot, Gujarat

General guidelines

  • All meals shall be served in the dining hall during the scheduled hours as notified from time-to-time, students should strictly adhere to these timings.
  • The system of self service will be followed in the mess.
  • No diner shall waste food.
  • All student or visitors shall keep the Mess Hall and premises neat and clean. After having food, student(s) will ensure to throw all the disposable cups & plate, waste food etc. in the designated bins to maintain proper hygiene in the mess.
  • Cooks and attendants at the mess should be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Mess bill payment shall be made on regular basis .After the due date fine  will also be imposed.
  • Carrying of utensils (plate, glass, spoons, etc.) is prohibited from the mess. It is only allowed to the sick student (s) with permission by the warden and such student(s) shall  be responsible for bringing back the same to the mess.
  • Any kind of damage to Mess furniture or property by any student(s)  will be treated as serious offense.
  • The Institution reserves the right to change rules and regulations related to mess as and when required. keeping the students informed through general circulars displayed on the mess notice boards. For any suggestions/ complaint student(s) may contact the members of the Mess committee. 
  • Students are advised to strictly adhere to these guidelines/rules. Any breach of these rules will invite action by the Institution.


Standard operating guidelines

  • At the time of admission, students who wish to avail the mess facilities are required to make a one-time security deposit of Rs 20,000. This security deposit is refundable to the students upon leaving the institute or terminating their mess services. The purpose of this deposit is to ensure the responsible usage of the mess facilities and to cover any outstanding dues or damages incurred during the student's stay.
  • For availing the mess services, students are required to make an advance payment equivalent to six months' charges, at the rate of Rs 190 per day. This advance payment is meant to ensure the smooth functioning of the mess operations and to cover the expenses associated with providing daily meals to the students.
  • In accordance with the institutional guidelines, a rebate is provided to students who are absent from the hostel campus for seven consecutive days or more, given that the leave is sanctioned by the Dean (Academics) or during official institution-declared vacations.                                                        Refund for such days maybe claimed by the student at the end of the financial year on production of relevant supporting documents.
  • To ensure smooth operations during new batch admission phase, parents/guardians are kindly requested to avoid visiting the mess facility between 12.00 pm to 14.00 pm. This time frame has been designated for students to have their meals without unnecessary interruptions.


Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Mess Payment

  • The Mess Committee will issue a circular every six months to inform students availing the mess facility about the payment process and the payment date.
  • The students will be provided details of the payment amount (6 months advance), payment deadline, accepted modes of payment, and any other relevant information. They will be provided a time duration of 15 days for making the payment.
  • Post the payment deadline, a late payment fees of Rs 20 per day shall be levied on the defaulter.
  • The students are required to make payment using any online mode such as RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, UPI. QR code for the same shall also be displayed at the hostel.
  • Students are instructed to submit both soft and hard copies of the payment confirmation for record keeping.
  • Claims for rebate/ refund maybe made at the end of the financial year through proper channel.
  • Total rebated amount may be adjusted in the next financial year against pending mess fees.


Rebate/ refund of mess fee

In accordance with the guidelines, a rebate is provided to students who are absent from the hostel campus for seven consecutive days or more, given that the leave is sanctioned by the Dean (Academics) or during official institution-declared vacations. Students can claim a refund for the days they were absent at the end of the financial year by submitting relevant supporting documents. Here are further details and guidelines for the process:



a. The rebate and refund apply to students who have been granted official leave by the Dean (Academics) or during institution-declared vacations.

b. The minimum duration of continuous absence to be eligible for the rebate is seven days.

c. Also note that the leave days <7 days should not be clubbed with vacation days to claim rebate


Leave Sanction and Documentation:

a. Students must obtain proper leave sanction from the Dean (Academics) for the period of absence. The leave application should include the reason and duration of the intended absence.

b. Official documentation supporting the absence, such as leave sanction letter, medical certificates, travel tickets, or any other relevant documents, should be provided along with the leave application.


Claim Process:

a. At the end of the financial year, students can claim the refund for the eligible days of absence by submitting a formal refund application to the designated authority.

b. The refund application should include the supporting documents, such as the sanctioned leave letter, relevant certificates, or any other required paperwork as specified by the institution.

c. Students should clearly mention the duration of absence and provide a breakdown of the days for which the refund is being claimed.


Verification and Processing:

a. The designated authority will verify the submitted documents and assess the eligibility for the refund.

b. Upon approval, the refund amount will be processed as per the institution's procedures, either through direct bank transfer or any other designated payment method.


Kindly note that the above guidelines are subject to change and the students shall follow the updated institutional guidelines as and when issued.