The hostel facility is optional and room allotment is done at the time of joining. The institute shall strive to provide accommodation on the day of reporting.  The hostels are located at walkable distance from Academic block of AIIMS Rajkot.



  • All rooms are double-occupancy and fully furnished with inbuilt lockable almirah, good quality wooden bed with storage, study table with drawer, study chair, mattress, pillow, ceiling fans and electric fittings. All ceiling fans are installed with anti-hanging devices.
  • In addition to the rooms for students, there is a warden office and guests meeting area.
  • Other facilities are: 
  • Water cooler with RO system and water dispenser are provided in the hostel building for 24 hours drinking water supply.
  • Bathroom area has geyser facility for hot water.
  • The Office Room of the hostel, appliances like Refrigerator is provided to the students for their common usage.
  •  Emergency drugs are available in the warden office for the residing students.
  • Online as well as offline library facility is made available to the students along with a dedicated librarian. Newspaper is provided at hostel.
  • High speed internet connectivity through high end firewall for providing continuous and uninterrupted internet connectivity to students.
  • Hostel (surroundings, entrances and exit points, staircases, lobby areas, etc.) is under continuous CCTV surveillance to detect any theft or any untoward incidence.


  • Bus facility (50-55 capacity) is available for transportation of students from the hostel to college and returning back to hostel.
  • Ambulance facility is available for the hostel students in the form of a vehicle with driver (available 24×7) for transportation at night to casualty section of PDU Government Medical College Rajkot, in case of any medical emergency.


Live mess service is available at the girls' hostel. Weekly menu is decided and inspected by student mess representatives and mess committee.



The hostel has one common room, having arrangements for recreational facilities which allow the students to relax. The common room has facilities for games like carom, table tennis, etc. Newspaper in different languages and magazines are available in the hostel.



Any Ragging activity is strictly prohibited at AIIMS Rajkot. All students have pledged in writing during their admission time that they will not involve in any ragging activities at campus. There is separate Anti-ragging committee and Anti-ragging squad to monitor to ensure AIIMS Rajkot as ragging free campus. Strict measures are in place to prevent Ragging of any sort.



The Girls hostel have four female wardens along with a team of security personnel, and housekeeping staff who are on the duty round the clock as well as a librarian. They have regular interactions with the students and solve their problems as and when they arise and report the issues to the Assistant Provosts and Provost.




  1. Ms. Nikita Patadia
  2. Ms. Julee Parmar
  3. Ms. Pooja Solanki
  4. Mrs. Kiran Bhatt



Provost (Girl’s Hostel) Dr. Pinky Meena