Dr Simmi


Dr. Simmi Mehra


    Publications (Research papers):-

    1.    Iddalgave S,Kuppast N, Charmode SH, Tawade P,Sangram R, Babladi P, Mehra S. Estimation of stature from ring finger length: A quantitative appraisal amidst young Indian population. Indian J of Anat. 2021.April-June;10 (2):23-26.
    2.    Iddalgave S,Kuppast N, Janagal R,Charmode SH, Tawade P,Sangram R, Babladi P, Mehra S. Estimation of stature from little finger length: A quantitative appraisal amidst young Indian population. Indian J of Clin. Anat, and Physiol. 2021;8(2) 140-144.
    3.    Charmode SH, Mehra S, Kushwaha S, Philip S, Amrutiya P, Janagal R. Revising the surgical approaches to decompression in Quadrangular Space Syndrome: A Cadaveric study. ( accepted in Journal of Musculoskeletal Surgery)
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    6.    Mehra S, Kumar S. Study of Interrelationship between Heart Diameter and Cardio-
    Thoracic ratio with body habitus: A Hospital based study to evaluate cardiac enlargement. Pravara Med Rev2019;11(3): 1- 8.
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    10.    Sharma DK, Mehra S. Foramen Magnum: A Morphological and Morphometric study in dried human skull bones of Rajasthan population and its surgical importance. JMGUniv Med Sci Tech 2018; 3(2):41-49.
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    20.    Mehra S, Chowdhary R, Tuli A. Dry preservation of Cadaveric hearts: An innovative trial. J Int Soc Plast 2003; 18:34-36.(original article)

    Publications (Book Chapters):-

    1.Chauhan P, Jethwa K, Rathawa A, Chauhan G, Mehra S    The Anatomy of the Hippocampus – Chapter; Book name – Cerebral Iscaemia (Internet), Brisbane (AU); Editor: Pluta R; ISBN: 978-0-6450017-9-2; Exon Publications, ; Published on 6th November, 2021.; indexed in PubMed., PMID 34905307
    2.    Chapter -A variant Articular facet on second rib; Book – New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research ; B.P International Publications; ISBN 978-93-91473-92 ( accepted, under print)
    3.Chauhan P, Rathawa A,Jethwa K, Mehra S. Chapter name: The Anatomy of Cerebral Cortex; Book name – Cerebral Iscaemia (Internet) ;Editor: Pluta R; ISBN: 978-0-6450017-9-2; Exon Publications; Published on 6th November,2021; Chapter 1; indexed in PubMed., PMID 34905314.

    Awards and Honours:-

    Rashtriya Ekta Puraskar, 2002, for Best Academic & Research Work by Asian Arts  Cultural Society at MAMC, New Delhi.

    Areas of Interest:-

    Immunohistochemistry, Medical Education, Artificial Intelligence use in Anatomy


    Membership of Professional/Academic/ Research bodies

    1.    Life Member of Anatomical Society of India (ASI)
    2.    Life Member of Society of Clinical Anatomists (SOCA)
    3.    Member of American Association of Anatomists (AAA)
    4.    Member of Association of Medical Educationists of Europe (AMEE)
    5.    Member of Australia and New Zealand Association of Clinical Anatomists (ANZACA)
    6.    Fellow of International Medical Sciences Academy ( IMSA)