Dr Khushboo


Dr Khushboo Pandey

Assistant Professor

MD Anaesthesiology, DNB Anaesthesiology, DM-OncoAnaesthesia and Palliative Medicine


    0000-0001-8779-973X ORCID


    Publications (Research papers):-

    1. Thapa D, Ahuja V, Pandey K, Gombar S, Gupta R. Evaluation of analgesic efficacy of dexmedetomidine as adjuvant with ropivacaine in ultrasound-guided adductor canal block in patients following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgeries Br J Pain. 2019; 13(2): 91-98. Original Article
    2. Pandey K, Vig S, Ratre B, Gupta N. Use of Sterilium on Protective Goggles for Anti-Fogging during Donning for Care of COVID-19 Patients: A Novel Technique. Turk J Anaesthesiol Reanim 2020; 48(4): 344-45. Letter to Editor
    3. Pandey K, Mehta V, Garg R, Jain V. Mucormycosis, Diabetes Mellitus and COVID-19- An Emerging Concern. Ijppr.Human, 2021; 22:280-91. Review Article
    4. Pandey K, Garg R. Anaesthesia for tracheal resection and anastomosis: What is new! J Anaesthesiol Clin Pharmacol. 2022; 38(1):58-60. Commentary
    5. Sirohiya P, Vig S, Pandey K, Meena JK, Singh R, Ratre , et al.
    A correlation analysis of peripheral oxygen saturation and arterial oxygen saturation among COVID-19 Patients. Cureus 2022; 14(4): e24005. Original Article
    6. Sirohiya P, Pandey K, Sagiraju HKR, Bhatnagar S. Effectiveness of Morphine in managing refractory dyspnea in patients with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Effectiveness of Morphine in managing refractory dyspnea in patients with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Indian J Palliat Care. 2022; 28(4): 443-46.
    7. Mehta V, Rahul JS, Shukla HV, Pandey K. Tomato flu in the time of COVID-19- Another challenge for Indian Health System. J Lab Physicians. Acceped for publication. Manuscript ID: JLP-2022-10-15-1463.

    Publications (Book Chapters):-

    Book-Dr B.R.A IRCH -AIIMS protocol for Perioperative management of Oncological Surgeries;

    Chapters- 1. Protocol for mannagement of Perioperative Hypertension.
                     2. Perioperative management of patient posted for major hepatic resection.

    Awards and Honours:-

    1. Indian Society for the Study of Pain ISPCCON 2016, Poster Presentation Second Prize
    2. International Airway Congress 2016, Certificate of Participation
    3. Indian Society for the Study of Pain ISPCCON 2017, Poster Presentation First Prize
    4. ACLS and BLS Provider course 2017
    5. CME ASCOMS Jammu 2018, Talk on Anesthetic considerations in patients with pacemaker
    6. CME ASCOMS Jammu 2018 Postgraduate Quiz First Prize
    7. CME Neuropathic Pain and Neuromodulation February 2019, GMCH Chandigarh, Certificate of Participation
    8. Indian Association of Palliative Care- Certificate Course for Essentials of Palliative Care (CCEPC) 2019, AIIMS New Delhi
    9. Academy of Regional Anaesthesia International Conference (AORA 2019), Ganga Hospital Coimbatore, Attended Conference and Workshop on Abdominal and Trunkal blocks and Upper/Lower Limb blocks
    10. Indian Society for the Study of Pain ISPCCON 2019, AIIMS New Delhi Certificate of Participation
    11. International Conference on Pain Management (ICPM 2019) GMCH Chandigarh, Talk on Opiods for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
    12. Airway Management and anaesthesia during COVID-19 Operating Room Management: Seminar by TMH Mumbai: e-certificate of attendance
    13. Actively attended COVID-19 Special training course for Onco-Anaesthesia and Palliative Medicine – Interactive Session
    14. Attended several academic sessions on physical and virtual platforms

    Areas of Interest:-

    Onco-Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, Cancer Pain Management, Palliative Medicine


    Membership of Professional/Academic/ Research bodies

    1. Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (ISA)
    2. Indian Society for the Study of Pain (ISSP)